Vita Juwel

Buch: Gem Water (Gienger, Goebel)

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Das Standardwerk in englischer Sprache!

The basic one! Highly recommend to get an impression on the background of VitaJuwel and GemWater.

Effective and healthy remedies produced by infusing water with appealing crystalline energies are carefully described in this informative manual. The first part covers aspects of preparation, featuring deceptively simple processes such as the boiling method, the water vapor method, and the test tube method--all of which can be easily mastered by crystal healing enthusiasts. After outlining the correct methods to use and listing poisonous crystals as a safety precaution, the book examines more than 100 usable crystals and 34 special mixtures, revealing their intended uses and effects for the optimum in therapeutic results.


Gem Gater (Gienger, Goebel)

Das Standdardwerk in englischer Sprache!

Autoren: Michael Gienger und Joachim Goebel

Sprache: englisch